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Peña Nieto address during the 25th Anniversary of the National Council for Culture and the Arts, Mexico City, January 17, 2014. Photo credit: Presidencia de la República Mexicana
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Flag of Brazil
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Flag of Colombia
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Florida sugarcane field rows, February 7, 2007. Photo credit: Josh Hallett via Flickr
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Bank of New York Mellon, Wall Street, NY, November 23, 2008. Photo credit: cleverdame107 via Flickr
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Central American migrants hitching a ride on a freight train in southern Mexico, July 14, 2008. Photo credit: Peter Haden via Flickr
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The Vatican, July 5, 2014.  Photo Credit: Tejvan Pettinger | Flickr
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Marina Silva during Youth Blast International, June 12, 2012. (CC BY-SA) Fora do Eixo
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Sacks of coffee in Brazilian coffee field, Campos Altos, Minas Gerais, July 27, 2009. Photo credit: Daniel Mitsuo via Flickr
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Anti-government students take part in a protest in Caracas on February 15, 2014, in discontent at soaring inflation and basic goods shortages. Photo credit: LEO RAMIREZ/AFP/Getty Images
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Central American migrants hop a freight train in Ciudad Ixtepec, Mexico on July 15, 2008. Photo credit: Peter Haden via Flickr
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An Anopheles stephensi mosquito. This mosquito is a known malarial vector. Mosquito control is an effective way of reducing its incidence.
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Remains of ancient Mayan city, Lagunita, May 13, 2014. Photo credit: Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts
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Homes built on the riverbank at Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.
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Flag of Costa Rica
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Mezcal Reserva Especial de Don "Mauro López", June 4, 2010. Photo credit: Mike Rowe via Flickr
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