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Brazil congestion delays export of record soybean crop

Most of Brazil's soybean harvest goes to China, where it is fed to chickens and used to make tofu, soy mince and soy milk.
Port of Santos, Brazil

Port of Santos, Brazil

Port of Santos, Brazil

The port of Santos has tripled its capacity in the past two decades.

It now handles more than 100 million tonnes of goods every year - not just soybeans but also Brazil's other top exports such as sugar, cars and fuel.

But there just have not been enough improvements.

A railway track crosses its path.

If a cargo train passes, the lorries have to stop and wait.

"I was stuck for 30 hours in traffic without sleep," says driver Wagner Oliveira.

He says the congestion problem is not new, but it is getting worse by the year, and many of his colleagues are thinking of quitting.

Santos Port Authority Director Renato Barco says this year has seen the worst congestion so far.

He says the recent rainy season has only made matters worse.

Crops cannot be unloaded in wet weather so ships have had to wait even longer to take the produce to their buyers.

Many have been out at sea for two weeks waiting to file into the port.

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